Cindy was such a great model and we had a wonderful time with this session.  I love shoots like these because she was so easy to work with.  She was so confident with her pregnant body, easy to pose, and ready for anything I could throw at her.  How often do you get to take pictures without any complaints.  

We started off with some easy stuff; in a dress, wrapped in cloth, hands on the belly, but she was ready to jump into some of the more unique setups right away.  I love the first two images below because they really show off her personality and confidence.  

The best part of having such a willing participant is that I was able to try new things.  Some worked and some didn’t but it really gave me a chance to play with techniques I had been unable to before.  Look at the third image.  It was so easy to get her to stand still and try different silhouetting techniques until we found something that worked to show off her belly in a classic style.