This is the question I hate more than any other and for some reason the one most people feel the need to ask everytime I click my camera.  In fact the exchange usually goes something like this:

Person: "So, you get any good pictures?"

Me: "Nope"

Person: "hahaha, funny one.  Seriously, that kid/plane/event was great, you had to get some good stuff."

Me: "No not really, nothing good."

Person: "Oh.......... really?"

Me: "Yup, nothing but junkers."

Now, let me say that I do this with a smile on my face and would never say anything like this to a client, but for some reason this exchange really gets on my nerves (seriously, why do people feel the need to ask this!).  I would never say something comparable to the chef at my fav restaurant, to my plumber, or my mechanic.  Can you imagine asking your doc “So did you do a good job?”