Just wanted to take the opportunity to post a quick update with some randomness.  I haven't really been working on anything lately, brewing or photo wise, but have taken a few shots here and there.  

As a family, we love the zoo.  We go at least once a month and always have a great time.  The Honolulu Zoo is a really nice, compact spot we can go and see our favorite animals.  I wish I had pictures of it but the last two times we went to see the orangutans, the male, Rusty, came up and sat down next to us in front of the glass.  It's been such a cool intimate moment.  Like he just wanted to sit and talk.

Anyway, the zoo is packed with lots of cool spots for a quick photo so every time we go we try to work in a few snaps here and there.

We had a lovely easter with some close friends, some of which stopped by the house easter morning.  They had stopped at the beach and tried to get a quick family photo in with little luck so I found a small bit of shade in the yard for them to sit and started snapping a few pictures.

Not bad for a quick session, but I wish I had changed a few things.  A reflector would have been nice to direct some light and I should have paid better attention to hair and clothing but overall not bad.

Lastly, I have been making an effort of exercising more lately.  I'm terribly out of shape and have been doing what I can by getting up extra early before work to work out some.  Luckily we live in Hawaii so the view early in the morning isn't half bad

Thats it for now.  Hope to have more soon.